Andrew Hodkinson                                        Sue Towers

Principal – Andrew Hodkinson                      Vice Principal – Sue Towers

Boston Spa Site

Progress and Innovation Co-ordinator – Anna Stevens

Projects and Programme Manager – Liz Lowes

Facilities and Transport Manager – Ian Buckland

HR Manager – Sue Twitchen

Finance Manager – Helen Hudson

Arts and Cultural Consultant – Fiona Burns

PLI/PECS Implementer – Louise Webster

Finch Class

Rachael Law – Class Lead

Alex Crouch, Ali Christian – BSL Signer, Becky Harris, Sue Sandilands

Pipit Class 

Georgina Barratt – Class Lead

Alex Crouch, Viki Silkstone, Theresa Stifman

Robin class

Melissa Bunbury – Class Lead

Lara Stevens, Katie Hurley, Sean Coughlan, Hannah Bairstow

Skylark class

Rachel Smith – Class Lead

Fiona Nicholson, Amy Holmes, Laura Cooper

Dove class

Helen Brown – Class Lead

Natalie Labbett, Kam Bahia, Andrea Pallister, Laura Iveson

Wren Class

Sarah Webster – Class Lead

Natalie Labbett, Loren Dent, Ashley Geldard

Kingfisher class

Aimie Embrey – Class Lead

Louise Lee , Helen Machin, Kelly Marshall

Wagtail class

Tracy Houslay – Class Lead

Louise Lee, Jane Baker, Karen Wilton, Su Harrison- Bould

Sparrow class

Eleri Milsom  – Class Lead

Louise Lee, Michelle Butterworth, Rebecca Fennell

Woodpecker class

Bryony Bolland – Class Lead

Sara Owen, Nicola Foley, Rebehah Newbould, Shannon Howard

Swift class (at BSA)

Sarah Jackson  – Class Lead

Carol Hall, Nisreen Hussain, Rachel Dennison

Nightingale class (at BSA)

Janine Joyce-Hallard – Class Lead

Carol Hall, Lynne Martin, Jade Tang

Kestrel class (at BSA)

Shane Baker – Class Lead

Carol Hall, Clare Dent, Janet Towning

Curlew class

Joy Boyce & Janine Slater – Class Leads

Christine Felton, Kay Reed, Laura Hicken, Neil Jones

Lapwing class

Kathryn Nelson – Class Lead

Sue Taylor, Nikita Conway, Clare Moseley, Sandra Buck

Falcon class

Shane Baker – Class Lead

Tracey Appleyard, Shirley Harrison, Sandra Buck

Admin and site staff

Liz Stewart – Admin Assistant

Amandeep Gill – Admin Assistant

Sally Harvey – Reviewing Co-ordinator

Andrew Yarker – Cleaning supervisor

Woodhouse Learning

Keeley Murray – Head of School

Tina Hibberd – Receptionist

Helen Amor – PA to the Principal/SLT


Abigail Armstrong, Lauren Davison, Katie Sloss – Class Leads

Helen Underwood, Kavitha Basra, Leanne Millington


Hannah Barr – Class Lead

Domini Fraher, Androniki Manoli

Barn Owl

Charlotte Smith – Class Lead

Jemima Lutter, Leanne Wilkie, Effie Archonti


Rebecca Adams – Class Lead

Catherine Oldridge, Hayley Stockwell


Ruth Gilmore- Class Lead

Louise Jarvis, Denisha Bembridge


James Blackburn – Class Lead

Rebecca Gill


Sarah Wicks – Class Lead

Jamila Gaskin


Jess Arnold, Rebecca Ingle  – Class Leads

Stef Faren, Kelly Phillips, Charlotte O’Leary


Alice Hoole – Class Lead

Sarah Langton, Darryl Wilson, Marta Smolinska


Rebecca Marshall – Class Lead

Amy Tutin, Judith Nicholson


Jessica Humphries – Class Lead

Grace Highwood


Sam Newborn – Class Lead

Charlotte Hulme

Red Kite

Laura Griesbach/Lauren Whinstanley – Class Leads

Louise Joyce

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