Principal – Andrew Hodkinson

Director of Teaching and Learning – Sue Towers

Safeguarding and Welfare Manager  – Anna Stevens

Director of Operations – Liz Mason

Facilities and Transport Manager – Ian Buckland

Finance Manager – Helen Hudson

PLI/PECS Implementer – Louise Webster

Family Support Manager – Katie Hurley

Family Support Officer – Jemima Lutter

Boston Spa Learning Site

Head of School for Boston Spa Learning – Andrew Hodkinson

Teaching and Learning Co-ordinators – Bryony Bolland-Wai,  Kathryn Nelson
Educarer – Andrea Pallister

Finch Class
Ania Briggs – Class Lead

Pipit Class
Georgina Barratt – Class Lead

Robin Class
Sarah Jackson – Class Lead

Skylark Class
Helen Brown  – Class Lead

Dove Class
Laura Cooper – Class Lead

Wren Class
Sarah Webster – Class Lead

Kingfisher Class
Rebecca Barrett – Class Lead

Wagtail Class
Shannon Howard – Class Lead

Curlew Class
Rachel Smith – Class Lead

Guillemot Class
Bryony Bolland-Wai /Sara Owen/Fiona Nicholson – Class Leads

Nightingale Class
Isabelle Crighton/Kathryn Nelson –  Class Leads

Lapwing Class
Aimie Embrey – Class Lead

Falcon Class

Janine Joyce – Class Lead

Admin and site staff
Office Co-ordinator – Liz Stewart

School Administrator – Caroline Marston

Reviewing Manager – Sally Harvey

Facilities and Cleaning Co-ordinator – Malcolm Colbert

Woodhouse Learning Site

Head of School for Woodhouse Learning – Keeley Murray

Teaching and Learning Co-ordinators – Abigail Armstrong, Laura Green

Teaching and Learning Instructors – Rebecca Ingle, Lauren Winstanley

Educarer – Jess Kelsey/Matt Auton

Hummingbird Class
Lucy Hirst/Sam Newborn – Class Leads

Greenfinch Class
Beth Adams – Class Lead

Barn Owl Class
James Blackburn  – Class Lead

Sandpiper Class
Rebecca Adams – Class Lead

Swan Class
Katie Sloss – Class Lead

Heron Class
Eve Bannatyne  – Class Lead

House Martin Class
Sarah Wicks  – Class Lead

Treeswift Class
Jess Arnold/Kelly Phillips – Class Leads

Magpie Class
Alice Hoole – Class Lead

Sunbird Class
Victoria Frost – Class Lead

Jay Class
Charlotte Smith – Class Lead

Moorhen Class
Lauren Winstanley – Class Lead

Red Kite Class
Melanie Smith – Class Lead

Cormorant Class
Elisha Pighills – Class Lead

Osprey Class

Rebecca Marshall – Class Lead

Starling Class

Lauren Davison – Class Lead

Admin and Site staff 

Office Co-ordinator – Emma Starkey

Reviewing Officer/Administrator – Georgia Clark

Cleaner – Marzena Sokolowska




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