Please find the summer home learning projects and resources below.

NEW Summer Home Learning Projects:

Summer Home Learning Projects

Foundations Resources:

Summer Printable Pinwheel

Reaching High Resources:

Taste of Mushrooms Recipe Card 1

Taste of Mushrooms Recipe Card 2

Taste of Mushrooms Recipe Card 3

Taste of Mushrooms Recipe Card 4

Draw Delia


Speech and Language Therapy

Visual supports for home learning:

Visuals and Social Stories – school closure

Free ‘apps’ recommended by our team

Outdoor Activities to Support Language and _Communication

Supporting Language and Communication through Water Play


Family Support

Contact numbers for home support:

Family Support

Food Bank information


Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Activities and contact numbers to support mindfulness and wellbeing:

Mindfulness and Wellbeing



Whilst using resources online. Please remember to keep your children safe. These websites can help: